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Terms & Conditions

This terms and conditions are a part of services provided by Storage Asia Co., Ltd. Any agreement is made with the company, shall be deemed that customer agreed and accepted to be bind on company's terms and conditions as detailed hereinafter to protect the rights of customer. Please read all details of this term and condition carefully before using services. This terms and conditions are binding with customer under laws. Customer is hereby to certify that details and information provided to service provider for membership registration are precise, complete and truthful in all respects. If there is a change to information later, customer shall be obliged to give notice of this change to service provider in writing immediately.

  1. Objective

       Customer agrees to use services and "Service Provider" agrees to provide service area, hereinafter referred to as "Service Area" to store possessions by customer can access to as well as use facilities in service area such as passenger elevators, freight elevators, air conditioning systems based on term specified by customer.

  1. Term

       Customer agrees to use service area on specified term. Customer cannot transfer the rights and/or consent other person to use service area in any case, unless the written consent of service provider is obtained.

  1. Service charges

        Customer agrees to pay service charges to service provider based on specified method.

  1. Fines and penalties

        Customer will pay service charges as specified. If customer pays service charges late more than 7 days so customer shall pay fine to service provider at the rate of 1% per day of outstanding service charges until customer complete the payment. If pay with check or cashier's check or credit card, such payment shall be deemed complete when money from check or cashier's check or credit card have been deposited to bank account only. If bank refuses payment by check or cashier's check or credit card, shall be deemed that payment is incomplete, therefore, customer shall pay fine as specified in paragraph 1.

  1. Deposit

       Customer agrees to pay security deposit based on specified method which service provider will refund security deposit to customer without interest and/or fees, and/or other expenses within 30 days from the date when customer returns service area to service provider and customer complied with all requirements completely. Customer shall be responsible for damage from service area, in the event that damage occurs caused by customer. Service provider is entitled to deduct security deposit from such services to compensate for damage. Customer agrees to add money in the amount that security deposit was decreased to complete according to paragraph 1 within 7 days after the date of receiving written notification from service provider. If customer defaults, breaches any of terms, service provider is entitled to forfeit all security deposits by customer shall not exercise the right to dispute in any way with service provider at all.

  1. Rights and duties of customer

       Service provider has the right to terminate service and claim damages immediately if customer commits any of characteristics. Customer has duties as follows:
       6.1. Customer hereby certify that while receiving service area, fixtures, furnishings or equipment from service provider are in good condition and not damaged in any way.
       6.2. Customer shall use service area of service provider for storing possessions and shall not use for any other purpose and will not act in any way contrary to public order or good morals or do anything that violates laws or is boisterous until annoyed nearby customer.
       6.3. Customer shall comply with applicable laws, rules, regulations of the government concerned and order of service provider or representative.
       6.4. Customer shall maintain service area with care as a person of ordinary prudence would take of his own property not to be defected, damaged or deteriorated throughout service term. If such condition appears, customer shall immediately repair and fix to be in good condition as before at his own expense, unless shall be a major repair that service provider shall be responsible for that repair.
       6.5. Customer is prohibited for modifying, adding, cutting off any part of this service area, unless written consent from service provider and shall perform in accordance with principle of law in that matter with all constructions, decorations, improvements, modifications and additions, including materials or things assembled to be this service area, shall become property of service provider immediately which customer shall not claim any expenses from service provider.
       6.6. Customer shall not bring flammable, explosive, hazardous substance, rotten items or may cause rotten, all kinds of contraband such as drugs and/or items that have been illegally acquired, etc., including customer shall not install the rack and/or any other material that intrude service provider's common areas.
If customer violates the regulations by keeping the above things at the service area causing fire and/or any other damages to service area or other customer so customer shall be responsible for all damages.
       6.7. Customer shall not put or bring materials or objects weighing more than 300 kilograms per square meter into service area or doing any action which may be harmful to the building, service area or nearby place or property of service provider or other person.
       6.8. Customer agrees to move or bring properties or stuffs in - out according to regulations set by service provider, including customer will comply with any applicable laws, rules, regulations and announcements regarding use of service area (if any) that service provider has determined or informed both existing and scheduled in the future.

  1. Exclusion

       Service provider shall not responsible for any loss or damage that occurred to properties or stuffs that customer stored in storage due to the negligence of customer and/or dependents of customer, agents or those who are assigned by customer, including damage from accidental, fire, natural disaster, war, strike, reptile or other force majeure which is not service provider's fault.

  1. Termination

       8.1. Both parties have the right to terminate service before the end of specified term by making a writing notice to notify the other party at least 30 days in advance.
       8.2. If either party breaches conditions and the other party sent a notice and/or e-mail to comply with the requirements within a period of 30 days. If the defaulting party received a notice or e-mail but still not compliance so the other party has the right to terminate service.
       8.3. When either party is terminated personal or juristic person by the court has a receivership order or being sentenced to bankruptcy or take an action to apply for business rehabilitation to the court in accordance with the law for bankruptcy, liquidation, registration revocation or being suspended from operating business or have liquidated.
       8.4. If this service is terminated causing by customer breaches terms of this service, customer consents service provider forfeits all money that customer has paid to service provider before terminate service. And service provider has the right to transfer service to other party immediately which customer has no right to claim any damages.

  1. Results after termination

       9.1. It is clearly agreed that this service will terminate immediately after due date which service provider shall not need to notify again. Customer has no right to claim for moving fee or any compensation from service provider. When this service is terminated for any reason, service provider has the right to take possession of service area immediately and customer shall move properties and stuffs leave this service area within 3 days from the date of termination of this service. However, if service provider incurs repairs or improve service area to be in good condition, customer will be fully responsible for all such expenses.
       9.2. When this service is terminated for any reason, if customer and dependent do not move own property to leave service area or do not deliver the possession to service provider within the specified time, customer agrees and consent service provider or representative of service provider to have the power to perform as necessary in all respects. Including the destruction of any key or obstacle so that service provider can return to possess service area and have the power to take possession, seize property of customer or of any other person in service area or moving such property out of service area as service provider deems appropriate. However, customer agrees to allow service provider to sell the above property to public auction to compensate for various debts as service provider deems appropriate, in which all operations by service provider are final. Customer waives the right to dispute since expiration of moving date, by not considered the exercise of service provider or representative of service provider who provide such service is a civil liability and/or criminal against customer and dependent or other person in any way and customer agrees to responsible for expenses from damage occurred. In addition, the service provider has the right to lock the keys to prevent the user from entering the service place anymore. In addition, service provider has the right to lock service area to prevent customer from entering service area anymore and customer agrees to pay a fine to service provider at a rate of 1,000 baht per day from termination date of this service.
       9.3. When this service is terminated for any reason, customer shall clean service area to be in the original condition, along with return service area to service provider. Customer allow service provider to deduct money from security deposit 500 baht per room for cleaning fee if it appears that customer did not clean service area.

  1. Other agreements

       10.1. If any term is void or incomplete for any reason, both parties agree to separate void or incomplete portion from other complete term which complete term still binding between.
       10.2. If service provider negligent to exercise their rights under any of term of this service, shall not be regarded as a waiver or disqualification of service provider to later exercise such right. Waiver of any rights according to term, shall be done in writing and sent to customer for acknowledgment.
       10.3. Any contact or asking between each other shall be made in writing and deliver to the address specified in this agreement by notices, letters and any documents may be sent directly by oneself or by registered mail and/or e-mail. Incidentally, sending a notice by oneself shall be deemed correct when there is a recipient at the specified address and send e-mail shall be considered as notified immediately. If customer changes contact address shall be informed to service provider in advance within 15 working days from the date of change information.
       10.4. This service is governed by and construed under laws of the Kingdom of Thailand in all respects.


  • Prohibitions for storage

  1. Customer is prohibited to store hazardous goods and substance as follows:

    • Hazardous materials or things or substances that may endanger the safety of public property, including corrosive, gases, flammable liquids, oxidized peroxide materials, organic matter, toxic substances, radioactive substances, infectious substances, explosives, etc. (e.g. dry ice and gasoline), flammable solids and magnetic materials.

    • Hazardous object, illegal items, chemicals, toxins, organic peroxides (e.g. resins), illegal or tax-free items (e.g. addictive substance, drugs, cigarettes), imitations of trademarks, copy rights and intellectual property, firearms and all weapons, explosives, flammable and non-flammable gases (e.g. spray paint, butane gas, lighter oil), flammable liquids (e.g. paints, thinner, solvent), batteries, flammable solids, any flammable items (e.g. matches, lighting sticks), firearms and ammunition, fresh food, smelly products or food.

  1. Customer hereby certify that customer will not store hazardous and/or illegal substance as specified in this agreement to this place and understand that any violation will result in legal liability and/or both civil and criminal in this agreement.

  1. Customer acknowledges that service provider has equipped with 24-hour CCTV system to monitor the safe environment. Staffs of service provider regularly patrol and check such area. Also check storage to ensure that hazardous goods are not stored in service area and if detected, service provider shall request customer to remove the above objects from storage. If customer fails to follow service provider's regulations then service provider will terminate service with immediate effect to maintain safe environment of service area.

       Service provider reserves the right to terminate service, suspend, refund of deposit and take any legal action if customer violates terms and prohibition for storing.

       For enforcement that may be happened by relevant government agencies, customer acknowledges that service provider will strictly enforce the safety criteria. Please abide by this conditions and policies.