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What is self storage?

Self storage is a space rental for storing personal or any kinds of belongings. Customers are responsible for storing their belongings by themselves.

What can we store in self storage?

Customers can store belongings that are rarely used, such as luggage, clothes, toys, collectibles, sentimental value items, items used in some activities, decoration items, and furniture while renovating a house or condo. Also, documents, goods stock, supplies, and FDA products.

What cannot be stored in self storage?

Customer cannot store hazardous goods, illegal items, or any kind of items that can be harmful to the service area. This includes:

  • Corrosive Liquid, gas, flammable liquid, antioxidants, organic peroxide, toxin, radioactive substance, infectious substances, explosive, dry ice and gasoline, flammable solids, magnetic material
  • Illegal items such as narcotics and illicit cigarettes
  • Copy watches, bags, and other such materials
  • Guns and any kind of weapon
  • Ammunition, dynamite and firearms
  • Flammable items
  • Batteries
  • Fresh food, Stink of Food or Goods to smell bad

Who can use self storage?

People who need more space to store personal belongings while renovating house/ condo, or relocating Company that needs space for storing document, office supplies, stock, or FDA products

What service does i-Store Self Storage offer?

  • i-Store Self Storage offers self storage service, sizes from 0.5 - 25 sq.m. with normal temperature units and air-condition units. Customers can access 24/7.
  • i-Store Wine Storage offers standard wine storage with humidity control, temperature control, and electrical generator. Customer can access wine storage 24/7.
  • i-StoreGo Door to Door Storage is all-in-one storage solution where we do packing, moving, storing, and delivery back to customers’ doorstep through


  1. Choose the storage size
  2. Make a payment and agree to the terms and conditions
  3. Customers get the passcode or keycard to access the storage facility

Minimum Contract

The minimum contract is 1 month.

Contract Extension

Customers can inform i-Store staff through every channel or through personal account at

Contract Termination

Customers can terminate the contract by informing i-Store staff 7-15 days in advance in order to receive the deposit. Customer can contact the staff in every channel in written form or through personal account at

Why do customers pay for the deposit?

To cover any damage that may happen to the facility or equipment that belongs to the company.

In case customers are not sure about storage size

  • Customers can estimate by using the estimating program at
  • Customers can send pictures of the belonging to i-Store staff to get the estimation
  • Customers can schedule the survey appointment with i-Store staff to estimate the size at customers’ place. Free of charge.

Do not know about the storage duration

We recommend you to do a monthly extension.

Can customers change the storage size?

Customers can change the storage size. i-Store staff will calculate the price differential if customers have to pay for the differential. Read Refund Policy

Terminating contract before the contract ends

Customers can terminate the contract before the contract ends. Read Refund Policy

How long can customers reserve the unit before using?

In case of choosing a unit number, customers can reserve the unit 15 days in advance. In case of reserving without a unit number, customers can reserve the unit 30 days in advance.

When can customers access the storage unit?

After customers sign the contract, customers can access the storage unit 24 hours.

Can customers sign the contract with the company's name?

The contract can be signed with company’s name with a business registration certificate and the certificate of value added tax (if any).

Use i-Store Self Storage to register FDA registration

i-Store staff will prepare the document to use to register FDA registration.

Payment Channel

Customers can make a payment by bank transfer, credit card, and link payment to Storage Asia account only.

Can customers located in other countries make any kind of transaction?

Customer can inform i-Store staff if any kind of transaction has been made or make a transaction through

International transaction fee

For international transaction, customer is responsible for transaction fee.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is equal to 1 month rental fee.

Withholding tax

The company can deduct 3% withholding tax, except i-Store Sathorn One which is 5%.

Is there any insurance coverage?

Every signed contract, there is an insurance coverage. Free of charge.

How much is the insurance coverage?

The insurance coverage is 20,000 Baht / 1 unit.

In which case does the insurance cover?

  1. The Physical loss or damages to property insured from such hazards as fire, lightning, fire, explosion, wind, storm, air, dangers, vehicles, smoke, earthquake Fire Hazard from Hail The threat of riots, strikes and acts of vandalism and malicious intent and accidental damage from other external causes, which are not excluded under the GIA (GIA)
  2. Damages to property caused by damage or mechanical failure. Or machinery breakdown of machinery or equipment. The amount of protection is not more than 20,000 baht.
  3. Damages caused by theft, Glass Mirror Porcelain, marble or other fragile or fragile objects inside the storage room. The amount of protection is not more than 20,000 baht.
  4. The loss or damages caused by theft by the presence of tampering to the area. Inside storage room. The amount of protection is not more than 20,000 baht.
  5. Losses or damages due to wind, rain, water, floods, sand or dust inside storage facilities. The amount of protection is not more than 20,000 baht.
  6. Damages to property and all kinds of stock inside store premises. The amount of protection not exceeding 20,000 baht, excluding the stock of precious stones, precious metals, gold, wool, antiques, rare objects.
  7. For the Deductible (Excess) of any damage to specify by conditions of the insurance company.

If customers would like to buy more insurance coverage

Customers can buy more insurance coverage in any insurance company or inform i-Store staff to assist with the process.

If customers do not need insurance coverage, can it be used as a discount instead?

The company does not have any policies in exchanging insurance coverage to discount.

Period for making insurance claims

Period for making insurance claims is 30 days.

Deposit Refund Policy

Customers can terminate the contract before the contract ends 7-15 days in advance to receive the full amount deposit.

Reasons that customers would not receive the deposit back or receive it partially are:

  • In case it is overdue, company will calculate the amount daily and deduct from the deposit.
  • In case a customer loses a keycard or there is any damage inside the storage unit, such as tampering with the wall, adjusting the units, or other kinds of damage during moving or during the storage period.
  • In case customers terminate the contract before stated in the signed agreement.

Period for returning deposit

Company will return the deposit within 3-15 working days. Customer can request if they would like the deposit to be cash or transferred.

Can the deposit be returned to another person that did not sign the contract?

The company allow to do so if the contract owers has giving a permission and send i-Store staff an evidence in written form, along with a copy od ID card or passport.

Returning fee policy

The company will not return any fee. Instead, we will provide a credit for future usage.

Returning reserving fee policy

The company will not return any receiving fee if it is out of the pre-sale period or any agreed period.

Can i-Store staff receive or take any items from the customer's unit?

According to company’s security and privacy policy, our staff refuses to access customers’ unit to take, receive, and send any items on behalf of customers even if they are granted permission. This is to avoid any damage, lost or force majeure that may happen to your belongings.

Late Payment or Overdue Policy

  • In case of 1-30 days overdue, the officer will announce the contract ending, withhold security deposit, lock the unit, and remove the access to the facility.
  • In case of more than 30 but not exceed 60 days, the officer with cut the padlock and move all items out to the other prepared facility. The customer should make a payment and pick up all items within 30 days
  • In case of more than 60 days overdue and the customer ignores to pick up the items, the company has all rights reserved to put all items on sale in order to compensate with the remaining debt with i-Store.

Does i-Store provide delivery service?

The company does not has the delivery service

What is the declaration list?

Click here to read about the Customer (Dangerous Goods) Declaration

i-Store Self Storage is operated by Storage Asia Public Company Limited, Tax ID :010756000646

i-Store headquarter is located at 51 Soi Sukhumvit 24, Klong Ton, Klong Toei, Bangkok 10110

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