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elevates traditional storage facility to self storage for rent for beloved belongings with new and clean facility. We offer 24 hours security and variety of storage sizes, ranging from 0.5 to 25 sq.m. for self storage and 1 to 2 sq.m. for wine storage. Once customers start storing, they can access 24 hours.

Customers can find i-Store Self Storage for self storage for rent and wine storage with the convenient locations of storage in Bangkok.

4 Steps for using i-Store Self Storage

Select a Store
Choose your Room & Unit Size
Booking & Pay
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Select storage facility
Select storage type
Agree to terms and conditions
Store your belongings
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i-Store Self Storage offers self storage for rent, sizing from 0.5 to 25 sq.m.

How is i-Store Self Storage better?

i-Store Self Storage staff are grateful to give consultation to our customers.
Customer can ensure that storing with i-Store is worthy and create good experience for our customers.

Centrally Located
Prime locations
Access Control
24 hours security
Find Storage
Free insurance coverage
CCTV System
Flexible Size
Various sizes
Smoke Detector
Easily access with parking area
Zone Unpack
Packing zone and meeting room
Clean Environment
New facility and clean building

i-Store Self Storage hope to create customers’ satisfaction. We will use customers’ feedback to develop our service.


Storage Asia Public Company Limited

Our vision is to be leader of self storage provider in Thailand and innovative solution to be top-of-mind brand, and our mission is to give the best quality service and be the solutions for every customer’s needs. i-Store plans to expand the branches to serve throughout Thailand. We are guaranteed by many rewards.

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Winner of the Asia-wide Manager of the Year 2023

Winner of the Independent Store of the Year - Thailand 2023

Winner of Thailand Manager of the Year 2023

Finalist of the Creative & Effective Marketing Award 2023