Wine Cellar

i-Store’s Sukhumvit 24

Wine Storage (ที่เก็บไวน์), i-Store’s Sukhumvit 24

Wine is a valued product that can be expensive. It needs to be stored at the correct environment to ensure that it maintains it’s flavour, taste and value. i-Store understands the importance of correctly storing wine, especially in Bangkok given the warmer and humid climate. We are not as fortunate as our European counterparts as they are able to store wine in their kitchen given the cooler and drier climate. Therefore, we have decided to design and build a storage unit that can initiate a wine cellar, creating the perfect conditions for storing your treasured bottles of wine. We can assure that your wine will be stored between 12°C to 15°C and will also be monitored for humidity. The wine storage unit will also remain as dark unless someone enters the room.

i-Store wine storage cellar is accessible 24 hours a day at our Sukhumvit 24 facility in Phrom Phong. To ensure the safety of your wine collection, your units can be padlocked and to enter the cellar itself requires a keycard. Moreover i-Store offers a wine tasting room for your convenience.

  • Wine Cellar’s Quality

At i-Store’s wine cellar, the temperate, humidity and lighting are carefully monitored and controlled to ensure optimal storage environments.

Some of the safety precautions we have taken when designing i-Stores wine cellar is to include a back-up power generator in case of power outage,  a redundant air conditioner and fireproofing the structure.

We have also installed an insulating ISO wall panel consisting of a rigid EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) foam that has a laminated steel sheet permanently bonded onto both sides. This ensures that the surrounding Bangkok environment does not affect the taste and quality of the wine stored inside.

  • Wine Cellar’s Security

At i-Store we take security very seriously. This is no different when it comes to our wine cellar. Entry is only allowed to those who have a special keycard to access the wine cellar. You can also padlock your wine storage for an additional layer of security. i-Store’s Sukhumvit 24 facility is covered in CCTV camera to ensure safety and security of our customers' belongings.

Tips for storing wine

Storing wine can be tricky business. Below are 8 tips and tricks that will help familiarize yourself with wine storage.

  1. White wine temperature should not be more than 24c for a long period of time. It is believed that long exposure at high temperatures will cause the wine to oxidize.
  2. Having the temperature below 12c is not ideal, it will slow down the aging of the wine.
  3. It is important to have temperature be as constant as possible and not have large swings in temperature. This will cause the wine to breathe too much leading to premature aging, damaging the flavours.
  4. Most new/modern wine does not get better as they age. They should be consumed in 2-4 years .
  5. Minimize exposure to air
  6. Keep it away from excess amounts of light and heat
  7. Humidity should be kept anywhere between 50 percent and 80 percent. This is considered safe. Too wet and can lead to
  8. Horizontal racking is a space-efficient way to store your bottles, and it definitely can’t harm your wines.
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