Wine Storage (ที่เก็บไวน์), i-Store’s Sukhumvit 24

Wine is the valuable possessions and investment, which need to be stored properly to keep its value and the perfect taste of wine. i-Store understands the importance of wine storage as well as the weather in Thailand, where the local temperature is not suitable for wine like the Europe countries. Therefore, we decided to design and offer our customers a wine cellar (ห้องเก็บไวน์) which will be the perfect place for storing your wine. We assure you that your wine will be provided with the right temperature with the standard humidity control system of the wine storage service at i-Store’s wine cellar.

Apart from the proper wine storage and the right standard of the wine cellar we provided, you can also access your private wine cellar 24 hours at our perfect location at Sukhumvit 24. Moreover, i-Store offers our customers a Wine Tasting Room for customer’s convenience.

Wine Cellar (ห้องเก็บไวน์) at i-Store’s Sukhumvit 24

Wine Cellar’s Quality

At i-Store Wine Cellar, the temperature, humidity, and lighting levels are carefully and correctly controlled. Also, both partition and ceiling structures were installed with insulated iso wall panel systems which consisted of a rigid EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) foam core with laminated sheet steel permanently bonded to both sides. Although our Wine Cellar is located in Bangkok CBD, the surroundings are not bothering for your wine storage. On the contrary, it is perfect for wine maturation with our Wine Cellar’s standard and is also convenient to access whenever you want when compared to a traditional wine cellar. Besides, power generators, redundancy air conditioning, and fire-proof structure will protect the wine cellar as well as your valuable wine in case of a power outage.

Wine Cellar’s Security

At i-Store Wine Cellar, access to the cellar was controlled through multiple security steps, and the key to each wine cellar was carefully protected. Entry was only allowed to those who have identified as registered i-Store Wine Storage users. With i-Store’s premium security system and environment, your wine will be safely stored in our wine cellar.