at i-Store Self Storage

If you are currently living in Bangkok and looking for, or in need of, more living spaces to keep, store, or rearrange things that you rarely use or you would like to move. At i-Store Self storage, we can effectively help you to manage your belongings and possessions.

With our various storage room sizes (from 0.5 to 18 sq.m.), you can freely choose your own room sizes or customize the room space to manage your things with i-Store Self Storage in both short-term and long-term storage rooms.

Whether you are locals, foreigners, expats, those who are staying or travelling in Bangkok, we are pleased to take care of your belongings and serve you as our privileged customers with our quality storage room where you can leave your things such as baggage or luggage, suitcases, shoes, coats, your favorite collection, or the other personal stuff.

If your living place is not suitable for storing equipment such as sports equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and something else. Do not let the little living space condominium in Bangkok limit your identity and creativity. i-Store have limitless space and perfect storage to keep your stuff.

Besides, if you are considering of relocation or thinking of moving house into a new place, and in need of bigger storage for large size furniture such as a dining table, cabinet, mattress, or other house decorations. Let i-Store help you select the perfect size storage rooms for your furniture.

Luggage Storage, Locker Storage, Baggage Storage

For the travelers, you do not have to bring your travel bags which are fully packed to every place you go to. With i-Store Self Storage, you can leave your heavy belongings in the luggage storage and move around the city with no worries about your luggage.

We can guarantee that your luggage will be safely kept in your private baggage storage and under our service. You leave your things and your worries about your belongings in our storage room service while traveling in Bangkok.

i-Store Self Storage’s Security

With i-Store Self Storage’s 24-hour security and convenient location, you can drop by at your personal or luggage storage any time to comfortably change or conveniently take your belongings.

The maximize usage of your living space makes you feel more freedom with your life, and i-Store is another choice to respond to the customer needs for storage with the worthy service and security of your possessions.

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