Doot To Door Storage

i-StoreGO Box Storage, We serve box storage which means that we drop-off boxes to your door and pick them up, for free. We make space at your place by making storage effortless and simple. For i-StoreGO Box Storage, We offer our blue boxes which are lockable by cable tie. We collect and store your boxes in our secure storage facilities. And we return your items when you want them back.For more information please visit our website 

how it works

1. You book

Sign up and order your box.

2. you pack

We send plastic blue boxes. And you pack your items with photos and upload to your account. Then you lock boxes by cable tie.

3. we collect and store

Your items are safe with us. Locked securely away and monitored 24/7.

4. we return

When you need items back. Log in your account to book your return dates.
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