Increasing Space For Urban Life


          i-Store Self Storage is so proud to announce the opening of our new Self Storage facility in Pattaya in 2021.

          i-Store Pattaya offers great storage solutions for customers looking to store their belongings in Pattaya. We offer both short and long term storage rental at our Pattaya facility. You can choose from 7 storage sizes ranging from 1sqm up to 18sqm storage unit. For customers travelling in Pattaya for holiday we can offer luggage storage and for customers looking for larger units we can store items such as; furniture, personal belongings, cars and boats at i-Store Self Storage Pattaya.


         i-Store Pattaya provide self storage service to store any of your belongings as long as it meets our guidelines and of course fits.

         The i-Store Self Storage brand is an established and trustworthy storage provider currently operating multiple locations in Bangkok.

i-Store Pattaya meets international storage standards with our facility, security, and cleanliness.

We want to bring our quality service over to Pattaya and offer our customers the best Self Storage in Pattaya.


          i-Store has chosen to locate the storage facility in Pattaya city centre and near tourist locations

to provide convenient access to our Pattaya storage location.

           We look forward to seeing you there soon.


For more infonation please contract our staff

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